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c5621-English Release Notes


  • Great new UI Improvements to the Select Attribute (thanks arcanepain)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken queue operations on systems that didn’t have the MySQL PDO extension installed.
  • Removed Main area from Page Forbidden because it was causing problems in certain advanced permissions setups and the page object isn’t set to a Page Forbidden single page anyway, so the intended behavior would never work correctly.
  • Fixed Upgrade issue with moving from to
  • Fixed Page version update of block permission edit
  • Fixed Error message with invalid Page Type handle
  • Fixed tranlation compilation error (thanks Remo)
  • Block Type names handled more robustly (thanks jordanlev)
  • Clarified empty UI when background image of the day was changed by constant

Developer Updates

  • Allow ConcreteDashboardHelper::inDashboard() to take a string path (thanks aghouseh)
  • Various code cleanups (thanks ojalehto, synlag, bluefuton, mlocati)
  • Removed BlockController::getUniqueIdentifier()

5.6.2 Release Notes



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