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work : web Developer, web server developer, web creator, and Game Creator..

Auther: tomoya.

Address: TOKYO Japan,

      Philippines Makati city, 


Laptop PC : Macbook-Air OSX 10.12.5, Macbook Pro OSX 10.12.5,

iPhone / Tablet device : iPhone5s, iPad Air, Android4.0.4,

Create TooLs

Adobe® Dreamweaver CS5.5 Adobe® Fireworks CS3-CS5.5 Adobe® Flash CS5.5

Adobe® Illustrator CS3-CS5.5 Adobe® Photoshop CS3-CS5.5, ATOM


GameEngine:Unity5, ThreeJS, GrimoireJS..

Use Languages

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript(ThreeJS,GrimoireJS) PHP, Other Freamwork,



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